“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Bootcamp for accelerated development.

Join in on a co-learning journey that shift perspectives, develops personal skills, or becomes the catalyst for transforming your business. Here you can choose among a rich variation of topics, through courses, workshops and talks.


Upcoming events at Klustret

On Embodiment and Interaction

25 Oct 2020 | by Stiftelsen Ekskäret

Welcome to a one-day introduction to working with the body through deep listening and tracking of the felt sense.


Our shared commitment to Growth that Matters

20 Nov 2020 | by Stiftelsen Ekskäret

In this thought-provoking event, we’ll bring together world-known researchers (from Harvard Business School, MIT, among others) with senior decision makers from the private and public sector.

Recent events at Klustret

TransformationDay Digital@Idag

2 Okt 2020 | by Klustret Ekskäret

In the tradition of “folkbildning” Klustrets members will share their perspectives as our contribution to the national event Digital@Idag has initiated.

Fireside Talk: Lifelong development

29 Sep 2020 | by Stiftelsen Ekskäret

In times of external turbulence, internal development becomes crucial for both the individual and society.

Want to host an event at Klustret? 

Our spaces are meant to be used. If you share the vision of co-creating a more conscious society you are more than welcome to host an event of your own.

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