“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett


We inspire and support entrepreneurs and individuals who are in transition, feeling stuck or seeking change.

We help you:

–  to gain new perspective, through increased creative thinking and identifying your strengths and what is hindering you.

–  to think and act bigger & more expansively.

–  to design your own unique way of living and leading.

–  to create your personal toolbox for success/progress/results.


Nina Engstrand

Workshop: From wild idea to inspired action!

Learn how to increase your creative thinking and skills in a highly interactive, inspiring, and mind expanding workshop. We work with increasing our creative ability to generate as many new thoughts and ideas as possible and with our mindset: with our efficiency, what is enabeling us and with what hinders us, and with proven methods and tools for creating the desired new outcome. All participants create their own, personal toolbox. The day is crowned by a mirroring exercise around the personal toolbox.

Workshop: How to lead a creative idea process

Did you know that everyone can increase their creative ability? With knowledge, training and the right mental environment, everyone can develop it! Here the focus is on leading teams in a creative idea process. This one day workshop teaches you the principles and the safe environment needed for your team to perform at its creative best.

Vidvinkel Coaching

The Vidvinkel coaching method follows the 3-step process: Identify - Expand and Act Where we inspire and enable individuals and organizations to identify their genius (what they are excellent at and passionate about), to expand it, by strengthening their creative ability and their mindset and to act on it.
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