“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett

A great start of the last decade before 2030

By Johan

We have ten years to realize the change needed as it is defined by the UN sustainability goals. The first month of this decade, there have been several events at Klustret with hundreds of people participating. It’s very inspiring to see the impact we can co-create around our shared vision as we reach out to our networks and create memorable experiences. Here are some of the events in our multipurpose Arena during the first month of this decade.

All-time high when screening Day Zero – exploring solutions before systems collapse

120 people showed up a Wednesday evening to participate in the screening of Carl Eneroth’s latest movie Day Zero – exploring solutions before system collapse. He interviews ten people providing a different perspective on how we can create positive development. After the screening, all ten of them participated in a panel, where they shared their views and answered questions from the audience. All in all, it was a magnificent evening. One of the guests who expressed joy said that the richness of perspectives combined with the urgency of the topic and the presences of the panel had created an exceptional and inspiring atmosphere. We agree – we are all in this together.

Increasing teams capacity to perform in complexity

Resultatbolaget started their Intensive Leadership Program. During 2020 they run a program of eight half-day sessions with a buddy and digital support in between. The theme of the day was team development based on Susan Wheelan’s research. The participants learnt about stages of group development and tools to support their teams capacity to deal with complexity and moving towards higher performance.

Despite Recession high commitment to people perspective 

The Gestalt Academy founded in 1976 moved in at Klustret a year ago. In January Ulf Zwedberg and Kinna Persson started the 16th edition of the one-year program Leading Change in Practice. Ulf says that we are happy to see that we have a full program despite talk about an economic recession. Having participants from business, public and civil society, the full program shows a comprehensive insight about the importance of personal development and good relationships combined with business development. For decades productivity in Swedish organizations has stagnated, and there is an urgent need to innovate new ways of working and collaborating. 

There is an urgent need to innovate new ways of working and collaborating.

You can’t do business running around like an idiot

You can’t do business running around like an idiot is the title of a book written by Klas Hallberg, a member at Klustret. Without relating directly to the book, this was the theme the same evening when Ulf Swedberg hosted an open Gestalt Academy seminar on the topic of participatory leadership from a systemic perspective. Replacing traditional PowerPoint presentation with action methods, they explored the forces at play in organizational transformation and how you can get a deeper understanding of what is going on. Without this deeper understanding, we run fast and think we are productive. Still, the truth is it’s more like the Monthy Pythons 100 yards for people without a sense of direction. We fool ourselves and act as if we are effective. Nevertheless, the fact is that most often, we create more resistance and frustration in the system, which is terribly counterproductive. By training the capacity to create awareness about the complexity at hand, we are more likely to succeed.

Why isn’t there a law protecting the foundations of life?

Ecocide is a crime – co-creating ways to address it

End Ecocide is promoting the idea that global environmental destruction is a crime. There is an urgent need to transform societal norms, institutions and legislation. End ecocide is a worldwide movement aiming at legally protecting the rights of nature. This open event, an evening in January 2020, focused on our view of ourselves and how each and everyone can contribute to the change needed. Sharing concrete ways to act from many perspectives such as project management, lobbying, social media, events, eco pubs and art.

A brave space for prototyping public speaking course

Three years ago Johan Lidman shifted from a career as an engineer and manager to sharing his training as an actor and improvisation theatre practitioner, full time in his own business. In January he prototyped a new course in public speaking. He says he was surprised by how much the participants contributed with their experiences and how co-creative the session turned out to be. Brandon, a Kluster member, shared a tip for attentive listening.” Eye contact is crucial, and I ask myself; what have these eyes been through?”

What have these eyes been through?

To succeed in touching people with your message, you’ll need to be aware of your personal defences and challenges, to let them go and feel free to express yourself. This was done playfully, where the participants got encouraged to explore their individual expressions and how to captivate an audience. All in all, the prototype seemed to work well, as one participant experienced Johan as being fantastic at creating a vulnerable and open space for learning. Another participant said her approach to public speaking changed dramatically during those few hours.

Join us to make this decade matter

These were just a few of the more than 20 events during the first month of the last decade before 2030. If you find what goes on at Klustret interesting, we invite you to take part in coming events by becoming a Friend of Klustret. Or why not host an event of your own to support your and our shared vision to co-create a more conscious society. Reach out to one of our members or send a mail to info@klustretekskaret.se, and we take it from there.  

2020-2030, here we go! Check out our events here.

Written by Johan
As member and catalyst I invite you to explore and co-create this challenge: How might we support the emergence of Klustret as a brave space for innovation and growth that matters to future generations?
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