“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Enabling the shift.

Klustret is not an ordinary community or co-working hub. Sure, we offer a vibrant workspace with the same benefits you would get elsewhere, with the difference that here you get to join others committed to creating a sustainable, flourishing and more conscious society.

A dynamic cluster of creative and visionary changemakers.

When we started our journey four years ago, we intended to gather a smaller group of changemakers and create an environment that inspired and stimulated their productivity and collaboration. Over time, Klustret has grown to become much more than that. In numbers and our ambition.

Every step of our way has been an iterative exploration on how we can update our view of ourselves and society and thereby our contribution to the world we create. Today, Klustret is a learning lab and a dynamic experiment in self-organisation.

By becoming a member, you get to open up the door to a friendly and generous community that grow by sharing experiences, work, reflections, and lessons learned. We call this a Deliberate Developmental Space.

Why self-organisation?

The challenges we are taking on as a collective are complex. Complex challenges call for radically different approaches, including a shift towards self-organisation. The same principles apply to all layers of society, including our community.


A fully decentralised operating system

In our community, all our members have a say in everything that happens within our sphere.

By going this route, we have enabled self-reliance, autonomy and mutual respect between our members. Together we do Klustret work.

Bedrock principles that drives us to thrive.

We are all committed to a set of principles that guide us on how to act, communicate and thrive. 

Responsible participation

Take responsibility for yourself and your contribution to our community.

Presence and authenticity

We dare to show up with all we are in the moment.

Share and co-create

We help each other grow through collaboration and generosity. We strive for open source and transparency.

Act and learn

Good enough for now, safe enough to try and learn. We are open to feedback and reflect continuously about our experiences and personal growth.

We are all hosts

We make everyone feel welcome and included – guests and members.

Leave a better trace

We leave the place (earth) as we found it, or better.


Ekskäret Foundation

The mission of the Ekskäret Foundation is to facilitate sensemaking of the world we create and to establish brave spaces for people to explore and work on their inner growth.

Since we started more than 10 years ago, the foundation has developed arenas and contexts for exploratory meetings, dialogue and lifelong transformative learning.

Want to collaborate with us?

We have a long journey ahead and it’s a path that can’t be travelled alone. So join us and let’s co-create a more conscious world.

Contact us, and we take it from there.