“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Want to join us? Let us meet and talk!

Begin your exploration of a membership at Klustret with a chat with us to find out how Klustret can be your platform for development in work and in life.

As a principle we are all hosts and curious to meet you. Then we can tell you about Klustret and hear about your own work for a more conscious world.

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Some members’ thoughts on Klustret

Listen already now to what some members have to say about their experience of Klustret

(We speak Swedish and English. The interview films below are in Swedish though).

Helén Rodensjö

HR Consulting

Members at

Klustret Online

Klustret Online is our virtual co-working space.

Pär Skoglund Finquist

359 Leadership

Marie-Louise Larsson


Terms and prices


Lounge membership
  • Great for you who are on the move but still want to get access to the community.


Full-time membership
  • Ideal for you who want to have Klustret as your base all days of the week.

Our membership plans all include:



Free access to co-working space, kitchen and meditation room.


Part of our self-organizing business with the opportunity to be involved in influencing and driving the development of Klustret.


Free or low-cost use of meeting rooms – for your workshops, seminars, etc.


Connection to the Ekskäret Foundation’s wide network and the island Ekskäret.


Access to events, courses, member activities and other membership offers.


Free access printer, fresh fruit, tea and coffee.

Details – what is included?


  Distans Ibland Ofta Alltid
Pris 700 kr 1 200 kr 2 900 kr 4 500kr
Dagar i lokalerna 1/mån 1/vecka 2/vecka 7/vecka
Klustret Online
Community aktiviteter
Klustrets hemsida
Klustret Online
Zoom för stora event
Mötesrum 70% rabatt 70% rabatt
Nyckel +300 kr
Video konferens utrustning
Studioutrustning inkl introkurs +200 kr