“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Klustret Ekskäret invites you to

Welcome to a conversation on how men can contribute to a truly sustainable future for all.

Join us online for International Men’s Day where we will have a climate-smart discussions about how men can contribute to truly sustainable future for all.

Where: Zoom
When: Thursday 19 November
Time: 8:00 – 10:30

This event is free!
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On this International Men’s Day, we are facing the challenges of violence towards ourselves, others and the Earth. As social inequalities ravage our personal lives, families and communities, and climate collapse threatens life across the globe we are in the throes of an enormously risky and dangerous time. We in fact playing truth or dare with our own future and that of the generations to come. 

This event will be a combined sharing of information and interactions in large and small breakout groups. Addressing these concerns, this conversation will be facilitated by four men who have been thinking about and working with men and on masculinities issues for much of their careers: 

Jonas Nyman


Hazlebay, a member of Klustret Ekskäret

Paul M. Pulé

Chalmers University of Technology

Vidar Vetterfalk


Johan Holm

Gro Innovation Labs, 
a member of Klustret Ekskäret

Participate in discussions and interactive activities centred on the theme of Gender and the Environment for this International Men’s Day. At this event we will explore how we can create a gender equal and a climate-smart future.

You will gain tools and inspiration to accelerate your own and society’s transformation.

 Men are more likely avoid climate action and ignore the rights of women, genderqueer people and other marginalised groups. When engaging with solutions to these problems men are more likely to avoid transformational steps towards their resolution in order to protect our own self-interests.

At this event you will learn about a different way of being a man, starting with an introduction about the concept of ecological masculinities:

Ecological masculinities is a new conversation that  exposes and helps us understand how misogyny and climate change denial are inextricably linked. In a male dominate world, men commonly sidestep gender equality and environmental care in pursuit of power and control. This is one of the core reasons we are in the mess we are in, both socially and ecologically. To address these interlinked violences, we as men must make gender equality and climate care seriously. We must find ways to become allies to women, genderqueer people and the Earth. In the face of this seemingly impossible challenge, men are vital contributors to change.

Men are showing increasing commitment and willingness to transform both society and our own behaviour in order to help create a truly sustainable world. 

Calling on men to joyously participate with women and non-binary leaders to solve the alarming global problems of gender inequality and the climate crisis.

Men´s voices are needed,
Men´s care and action is needed,


We hope to see you on International Men’s Day to gain some clarity on how we can contribute to a better future!