“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Stefan Lidbrink


Lyssnar – Reflekterar – Hittar nya perspektiv på livet som människa och ledare.

Stefan Lidbrink


How do you get your subordinates to want you to be their boss? It is actually straight forward, you Care for them and you help them to Grow! I help individual leaders and companies to understand how they can transform to better leadership with Care & Growth. This is done through personal coaching and/or workshops live or online. As a part of the Schuitema group I offer a wide range of services in the area. https://sweden.schuitemagroup.com/


As a certified coach and instructor, I help individuals and companies to better leadership through personal coaching, lectures and training. Trust-based leadership in practice and reflective leadership in nature are two services that I provide.


We meet and talk about life and what it is like to live. What it is like to be human, about freedom and how to find ones will, about relationships with others, about death and if there is any meaning. We meet individually or in groups. An open exploratory conversation where you get the opportunity to tell someone who listens fully and wholeheartedly, just to you. Together we reflect on what is being said. You are given the opportunity to find new perspectives and are given tools to deal with current and future issues.
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