“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Matters Group

Think. Do. Matter.

We accelerate society and organizations towards sustainable progress together with brave leaders through co-created mind-shifting strategies and transformation.

We team up with client organizations in symbiotic partnerships to co-create transformational journeys into the emerging paradigm.

Together, we envision the future, empower people, and co-create progress based on thought leadership, and leading collaboration platforms.

Thomas Kirkegaard

Develop sustainability

Sustainability issues are transformational by nature, and redraw markets. We support in the analysis and implementation of bold and powerful strategies meeting tough requirements, but also contributing to real impact. Systemic approaches are key and thorough understanding of disruptive changes to the market.

Empower people

Empower people through journeys of personal, team, and organizational growth through dedicated development efforts and new ways of working. Forward-leaning organisations meet increasing demands on grounded values, autonomy and sense of meaning.

Envision the future

Informed by insights from the fields of transformational sustainability, innovation, psychology, and neuroscience, we facilitate strategic and creative processes to help organisations and leaders step out of the expected, to sense more deeply, lean into what wants to emerge, and unleash creative power.

Co-create progress

We help you build capabilities to continuously renew through stakeholder-oriented innovation and transformation efforts, and ultimately unleash the collective creative power of your organization by encouraging self-management and ecosystem initiatives.
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