“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett


Snöglöd is a arena with me and partners. We are a resoruce for learning to create and produce important results and effects, being more of what´s true and valuable, taking care, fill life with joy and compassion. We are professionals supporting others in performing effectfull behaviour to reach high priority goals and live important principles.We co-create processes, programmes and learning with management teams, managers, leaders, employees, groups, projects, networks. One of the most and essential driving forces, is to create life situations and journeys, systems and leadership that ensures quality of life, well-being of the biosphere and at the same successful, responsible companies, organizations and governments.

For the now living, our children and grand-children and all the living beings and life sustaining ecosystems of this beautiful planet Earth. I, Jean Christian Jacobsen and my fellow co-creators, leaders and guides, welcome and challenge you to the questions: -How do we solve or handle this in better and good ways together? On the short and long term? How do we become both stronger and more vulnerable, more open to the new ways and solutions that are needed? What is my part in all this?

Management for effectiveness and prosperity

Groups: Co-operation, Communication, Creativity, Psyhcological safety

Nature is calling- outdoor experiencing and learning

Leadership- personal skills, fullfilment of intentions and values

Conscious culture creation

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