“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Whole Threads

Shirts, trousers and dresses look the way they do, and are related to different gender, for a reason. Through the subtle language of color and form, they tell us about collective ideals and values. 

Clothes used to be one of our most important culture bearers. But they are no longer at the leading edge of change. Whole Threads mission is to understand how transformative currents at play changes culture, and thus clothes, in order to develop alternatives… to help embody a different set of collective values.

If we look at clothes from a holistic perspective there is an obvious interconnection between colors, patterns and clothing styles, and developmental processes. This has lead us to redefine the garments we wear and reinstate clothes as true shapers of identity.

Annika Thomas

Books and a blog

Annika Thomas has written several books to raise awareness and assist a paradigm shift in the world of clothes. There is also a blog on the website, with a lot of written material for anyone who is interested in a deeper and different perspective of clothes.

Fabric collections and sewing patterns

Since the impact of clothing production is unsustainable for our planet, we avoid mass production and don't (yet?) offer ready-made garments. Our aim is to extend the life of our garments through deeper self-knowledge. Production has to be flexible to make individual clothes. Our fabric patterns are printed digitally so that you can order only the amount you need. We also have a growing library of sewing patterns.


Even though our online courses are focused on the colors, patterns and styles of our clothes, they are really about exploring and expanding identity. We assist participants in gaining self awareness through looking at what we do and don't express through clothes and how to use them as tools for personal growth and transformation.
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