“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Klustret Ekskäret invites you to

Space 4
Inner Growth

March 12th 2021

What’s the state of your inner world?

The state of the world is turbulent and might make us feel unsafe. Whilst we cannot control the outer world to be safe for us, we can look for a sense of safety in our inner world. 

Maybe you are worrying about whether you will get to keep your job, your employees mental health in isolation, the political state or what society will look like half a year from now? When facing this type of uncertainty, being unused to it, we tend to become passive or inefficient. So, what do we do then? By growing our capacity to navigate in our inner worlds, we can, more easily, make sense of what is happening and act from a place of clarity, safety and wisdom.

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We will start off together, setting the context with a short video and have a talk with founder of Ekskäret Foundation, Tomas Björkman. After that you choose from a buffet of tracks that in different ways explore inner growth. We finish the day together with harvesting what we learned and have a video mingle.


You will be guided through the event by members of Klustret Ekskäret – a space, a community and a co-working hub, for people and organisations who are committed to creating a sustainable, flourishing and more conscious society.

Space 4 is a series of events exploring topics that we believe walk us in the right direction. We will lead tracks within the areas we are most competent and curious, and we invite you to join us!

So basically,

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13.00 – 14.15 We gather all together!

13:00 -14:15

Agenda for this session

  • Welcome
  • Meeting each other
  • Video streaming from the nov 20th event
  • Setting context with Tomas Björkman
  • Presentation of the tracks

Naima Clevenhag, Klustret Ekskäret

Tomas Björkman,
Ekskäret Foundation

14.30 – 16.00 We split into tracks…Where do you want to go?

Track A
Shifting Minds – Leadership Development in Our Times

The complexity of our times combined with inflexible bureaucratic structures leaves many organizational leaders in over their heads. How can we develop a leadership fit to face this challenge? While horizontal development is helpful by adding new skills and knowledge, vertical development is aimed at growing the mind in a way that enables leaders to think, feel and act in systemic, complex and interdependent ways.

In this workshop we will share and experience different ways of vertical development, with special emphasis on The Leadership Circle. This is a powerful tool that integrates vertical, adult development with cutting edge leadership theory. You will experience the inner forces that enable or hinder your best leadership version. In essence, we will jointly show the way  towards more conscious, sustainable and humane organizations.

Host: Leadership Circle

Staffan Åkerblom

Anna Thurdin Hedblad

Pär Skoglund Finquist

Track B
What stops you from acting out of clarity?

Interactive workshop with reflection in breakout sessions 

Wise decision-making and inner growth comes from a clear mind … 

Most organizations are desperately looking for tools that can help them navigate in VUCA times. Other organizations have understood that great culture creates great business.

But what creates great culture? We believe that a great culture comes from clarity of mind. How do you access that clarity? 

We believe that great leadership grows from the inside out and together with you we will explore three fundamental principles that bring clarity of mind – regardless of circumstances.

* This workshop is not only for formal leaders but all people interested in self-leadership

Host: Perspektivo

Anette Wallström

Ola Wallström

Track C
Skörhetssalong – en plats att hämta mod ifrån

Din längtan, dina brister, din skam är det du har gemensamt med hela mänskligheten de vågar bara inte tala om dem. Genom att inte vara perfekt visar du vägen för andra att de inte behöver vara perfekta.

Vi behöver en realistisk bild av det mänskliga oavsett titlar. Professorer gråter. Föräldrar tvivlar. Läkare googlar efter svar. Vi är mer lika än olika så låt oss gemensamt hitta orden för vad vi upplever och känner. Dela på drömmar och misslyckanden. Byta ut rummen där vi låtsas. Till rummen där vi är. Får tillåtelse att vara. Oss. 

Vi vill ge dig tid att känna in, känna igen och landa mjukt. Utrymme att veckla ut din karta. Skala av lager skydd, attribut du inte behöver. Lyssna efter svar och riktning från en annan plats än det intellektuella. Vad säger sårbarheten? 

Host: Rangemaker

Madelene Segertoft


Ulrika Tillberg

Track D
Digital facilitering och verktyg för bättre välmående och meningsfulla resultat

En workshop om hur du kan designa dina digitala möten så att de skapar välmående utveckling och meningsfullhet i arbetslivet. I workshopen kombinerar vi kunskap om teknik med mänskliga processer. Vi vill bidra till fler stärkande och meningsfulla digitala möten. 


  • Syftet. Vad vill du åstadkomma med mötet?
  • Hur kan du optimera de tekniska förutsättningarna
  • Designa mötet utifrån mänskliga behov och vad uppgiften kräver. 
  • Stimulera genom variation och reflektion 
  • Utveckla grupper genom en medveten struktur
Host: Go Beyond Consulting

Marika Brandt Brune

Mikael Larsson

Charlotte Uggla

Thomas Kirkegaard

Track E



    Host: xxx

    Tiina Bruno

    Heidi Andersen, Mindfuel Lab

    Johan Holm, Gro

    Tomas Björkman, Ekskäret Foundation

    Katarina Matson, Volvo Cars

    Track G
    Exploring Emotional Intelligence using Liberating Structures

    Emotional Intelligence (EI) – Why is it key in the 21st Century? How does it support us to makes sense of and thrive in disruptive times? Each of the 12 competencies of EI represents a doorway to develop positive human qualities; together they allow us to exercise greater compassion, resilience, and clarity in our relationships – professional and personal – and in our lives. It builds our internal capacity for change effectiveness and teamwork.

    We will introduce the overall framework of EI and the neuroscience behind how we can grow and nurture these competencies and then zoom in on a few key competencies.

    The session is highly interactive and you will have the opportunity to explore and learn using Liberating Structures, facilitation techniques that you can re-use with your team and organisation to enhance collaboration and innovation.


      Lotta Adelstål

      Pontus Holmgren, Gro

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      Tired of being moved in and out of breakout rooms and having structures imposed on you? We are here for you. We offer a virtual camp fire for silence or meaningful conversations in your own tempo. 

      16.15 And we are all together again!

      Exchanging ideas & harvesting

      We give each other the highlights of the tracks and harvest what we learned – and how we will live MindShift after this day!

      Naima Clevenhag


      Video mingle
      16:45 – Beyond

      Try out the new online mingle tool Wonder (beta-version). Walk around in a room with your avatar and meet others to chat about the day or find some new friends!

      Naima Clevenhag


      Friday the 12th of March 13.00-17.00 CET

      Online, via the video conference tool Zoom. You will get all the instructions you need.

      See tickets below.

      English will be the primary language. As you can see, some of the tracks will be in Swedish. 

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      E-mail: naima.clevenhag@gmail.com
      Phone: 0046 703 412 402

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