“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Space for growth and collaboration.

At Klustret there is room for every occasion. Whether you want to engage in deep conversations during meetings, activate playfulness among your event participants, or to instil a meditative state for your personal work, we got you covered.

A warm welcome to our home!


Enter Klustret

In the beautiful lobby by the entrance, we offer a sitting area with a view of the small park outside. Also a great place for those cool evening mingle events.


10 sitting, or 40 standing.


Have expansive meetings

Our biggest meeting room, equipped with a large screen and a whiteboard wall, is perfect for important client or board meetings.


12 people around a table.


Make a connection

For the moments when you are few people going into a meeting, where the personal connection is essential; then this is the room to choose.

2 armchairs and 6 people around a table.


Get work done

This is the melting pot at Klustret, where the action takes place. The room has a high ceiling and a lot of space – so you can breathe, collaborate, and get work done.

24 desks and 6 armchairs.


Unleash imagination

This is a multipurpose space for movies, keynotes, workshops, courses, yoga, meditation, drama sessions or why not a dinner under the chandeliers.


115 people in cinema seating, 60 people standing.


Instil inner peace

A room for meditation or meetings with a mindful pace, dedicated to increase awareness and deeper connection to ourselves and others.


10 people in meditation chairs or two people in rocking chairs.


Embrace the fantasy

Elevate your meetings in a room that inspires creativity and let great ideas flow free. Suits for coaching sessions and one-on-one meetings, too.


2 armchairs and 6 people around a table.


Love yourself

Recharge your batteries and get back to your focus in a soundproofed and utterly silent room. Serves well when you need to relax or have a place for deep focused work.

3 desks and 6 armchairs.

Want to rent space for your next gathering?

The doors to our home are open for anyone or any team that want to have conscious meetings and events.

Contact us, and we take it from there.